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Enchanted Summer Wedding in Provence, France

This couple reached out to us with the dream of honoring their French roots by getting married in a uniquely beautiful chateau, but with almost too many venue possibilities, they specifically asked for our help in the venue selection process.

We first got in contact with this lovely couple in fall of 2021, they came to us with a clear vision of their dream venue, and we were able to present them a beautiful variety of places; a cozy castle vibe in Burgundy, a rustic location surrounded by ponds and nature, a cobblestone covered venue on a vineyard in Loire, and more! During their week of site visitations, they had their mind set on a less formal Chateau, not too castle-like, but still with a touch of luxury and beautiful scenery. When they expressed this, we knew exactly where to take them, brought them to the Provence region of France and they fell in love with this venue immediately. It was their dream venue and nothing else compared.

However, with a high demand for venues post quarantine and many events rescheduled, their dream venue was completely booked the summer they hoped to get married. With complete certainty, they knew they could not say goodbye to this venue, and made the decision to move their wedding to the following summer of 2023. 

Late summer 2023 came along and their venue was more beautiful than they remember. Lavender in full bloom, wine grapes thriving, a beautifully blue lake, green grass and foliage, sun shining all weekend… the wait was completely worth it. 

If you already have certain aspects of your event decided, but still need help finding your dream venue, we offer consultations and venue selection services. It can be intimidating to narrow down the endless possibilities of venues, but we can alleviate that stress by providing our top selection of the best venues that we have curated over the last 13 years.

“Annelies was able to find the dream location for us after we had been trying to find the right place for years. We eventually called in Annelies for onboarding and finding the right location. The first meeting with Annelies was a revelation. She asked the right questions, listened very carefully to our wishes, and took action immediately. Where my husband thought of Italy and I envisioned everything in France, Annelies was able come up with the one place that was a fusion of our ideas in terms of atmosphere and nature. One thing is certain, without her we would never have found this place. For us, the kick-off with her was really a relief and a flying start to this magical day.”

Published: 6 juni 2024


Provence, France

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Marilyn Bartman and Mirte Dompeling

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