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Steffi & Rick, Industrial Wedding Venue Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Steffi and Rick celebrated their lovely wedding on a sunny summer day at a one of a kind industrial location. Just outside of Amsterdam you will find a former pistol factory with beautifully arched windows and sky high ceilings. This served as the perfect edgy setting which was then personalized with light green and bright styling and all the flowers you can imagine. Steffi and Rick’s wedding was so intimate and joyful. The happy couple celebrated in style, carressed by the warm summer breeze.

Steffi and Annelies, the lovely lady behind Art2Arrange, already knew each other because they had attended the same wedding planner academy years ago. Even though Steffi chose a different career path, she still loves to organize weddings and so she asked Annelies to be their master of ceremonies. This means that Art2Arrange took care of all the documents and agreements Steffi & Rick made with the various wedding vendors and Art2Arrange took on the coordination during their wedding day. And what a day it was!

Published: 10 december 2018


Muiden - The Netherlands

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Schellekens en Cleijsen

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