Of course you can visit all kinds of wedding fairs in preparation for you special day. This can be inspiring and fun to do. However, the entire process could also be customized- which, conveniently, is a lot more efficient- because Art2Arrange has a new service: the Tour of Inspiration. How does it work? We will create a personal selection of wedding vendors and suppliers based on your wishes and budget. On a day of your choice, or during a weekend, you will visit the suppliers that we have selected based on your preferences. It goes without saying that if you have already found a location yourselves this sight will be included in the tour. As an added bonus we will ensure that the appointments will take place consecutively, making the experience feel like a romantic getaway. For our couples who like to get stuff done it is also possible to take the tour together with our wedding planner.

During the Tour of Inspiration you will be provided with all the necessary information and at the end you will have established the groundwork to create the aesthetics for your perfect wedding. We organize these tours for couples who wish to get married in the Netherlands, but also for bridal couples that want to have their ceremony abroad.