The services we provide to create your fairytale day offer many advantages in different areas. We help you with the practical things that have to be ‘ticked off’ your to do list, the organizational aspects and the creative design of your perfect day. Our design process begins with a meeting to discuss your event, dreams, inspirations and wishes. At Art2Arrange we want to stay true to your vision and, therefore, everything is done in consultation. We are here to advise and organize so that you can remain the architect of your dreams. In this way you can enjoy the carefree journey leading up to your wedding.

In order to meet your budget you can choose which services you want to use and how extravagant you want your day to be. We have experience with different kinds of weddings: from small intimate gatherings, to lavish and lush affairs. We can plan your celebration at home and aborad. We also organize weddings for expats and couples from all over the world who wish to get married in the Netherlands. Moreover, not only do we organize weddings, we can also plan a different ‘celebration of love’ such as your anniversary or a perfect ceremony to renew your vows.

We offer various services and you can select what you need. Would you like us to handle the entire wedding planning? Or do you want to hire us for specific services such as selecting a location, hiring and managing wedding vendors, creating timelines and lay-outs, negotiating contracts, managing the budget or creating the vision and design for your wedding? We can also plan your bachelor(rette)party, wedding night and even organize your honeymoon. You name it, we’ve got it.

To set things in motion we will begin with a meeting to discuss your wishes and expectations. Accordingly, you will receive a proposal. If you say ‘yes’ to this, the fun can begin and we will get to work. The total cost of our services depends on what you wish to include in your wedding planning package. Of course, it is always possible to discuss including additional services to your package later on in the process.


If you share our vision about creating your perfect day and wish to know more about our rates and approach to wedding planning, please call or email us. We will gladly send you our complementary brochure.


Would you like to organize your own wedding, but you don’t know where exactly to begin? Art2Arrange will gladly help you get going.

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When planning your happy day part of the fun is selecting the perfect wedding venue. It sets the tone and establishes the aesthetic for your wedding.

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Art2Arrange will find inspiring and professional suppliers who will passionately contribute to creating your perfect day.

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During this special tour of inspiration you will visit the locations and wedding vendors that we have thoughtfully selected for you.

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Planning a wedding is time consuming and costs a lot of energy. So why wouldn’t you leave it to a professional? Art2Arrange can plan everything for you, it’s what we do best.

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If you are looking for a professional master of ceremonies to ensure that your day runs smoothly, then look no further, as this is also one of the services that we offer.

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Establishing the aesthetics for your wedding includes a lot more than selecting your flowers. Art2Arrange is there to help you create the perfect style for your wedding.

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Do you need help with applying for your wedding documents for your destination wedding, booking your honeymoon, organizing a bachelor(rette) party or the proposal? We would love to help you.

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